The lone soldier

Much is made of the rocks and gravel of the Grand Canyon, but the forests grow right up to the edge…and over it…in most areas.

Life for these trees is rough, starting with the dry, rocky soil. And the weather here is merciless in its extremes, with frequent howling winds.

I’ve been drawn to some of the sturdy standout trees that have anchored themselves right near the edge. It seems as though they’ve set themselves up as sentinels for this national treasure.

Herewith, our pictorial salute:


5 thoughts on “The lone soldier

  1. Doug. great pics. Joyce and I went northeast of the Canyon to Monument Valley, home to countless John Ford Epics and the four corners area with Mesa Verde Natl Park worth a stop. Happy trails.TC

  2. Interesting observation, and great examples. Did you hear the story while you were in Yosemite about the lone pine tree atop Half Dome about 120 yrs ago, and how some climber made it up there and abruptly chopped down the landmark to stay warm that night.

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