A really bad case of erosion

Pretty amazing to realize this whole Grand Canyon exists because of erosion!

We’re visiting some of the same spots over multiple days, because the views change with the hour of the day, and our perspective changes as we learn more.

Nice time of year to visit….many fewer tourists, and the ones who are here seem to be attentive and interested. We get a special pass to drive Hermit Road because of Ross & Ryan’s limitations with public transportation….the road is usually limited to the free shuttle buses…and it allows us to stop right next to what interests us, and reduce the walking.

I’ve been pleasantly surprised how closely they run the road and parking lots to the edge of the Canyon…very, very convenient!

Here are a few of our favorite things…so far….

10 thoughts on “A really bad case of erosion

  1. Doug and Family…You should publish a guide for travels with the handicapped, you have learned so much and the hints would be invaluable to travelers…Blessings…T.Crowl

  2. Great pics. So glad you are on the road again and enjoying the majestic beauty of our land.
    We were there for a week 2 winters ago and loved it. You have to stay a few days, like you said, to see it from morning to night. It is funny, cause we got some of the same pics you did. The best spots for sure! Keep enjoying.. Sharon Turner

  3. Gorgeous pictures! I’d love to visit there again. I think our last time was in 1958, on our way to the GC Session in Cleveland just before we left for Korea for the first time. We’d left our 16-month-old son with my parents in L.A. to enjoy him for the last time in 6 years ahead. Yes, the roads and parking lots then, too, came up close. The day after we left the Grand Canyon, we heard on the car radio of a young couple who had also just visited there on their was to the GC Session. They had gotten out for a quick look, and they watched as the car inched forward and over the edge to the bottom with their 2 small children in it. I don’t remember whether the toddler had slipped it into gear, or what happened, but I have often thought of them over the intervening years.

  4. Your pictures are lovely…..a trip to the North Rim is great as well…..we actually like it better than the South Rim. Went in June and did the mule trip which we have also done to Phantom Ranch on the South Side. The Fall is lovely on the North Rim from the 3rd week of September thru the first week of October….tons and tons of golden aspen. They are closed for the winter til May. They often get quite a bit of snow there since it is higher than the South Rim. Keep up the lovely photos and blog….

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