4 thoughts on “On the edge

  1. Hello to all of you – We left Albuquereque yesterday early – and on the plane read your blog from there – wow! We had spent 4 days with Steves brother, Pat – who lives in Jemez Springs – a good hour away from Alb. I was going to write and tell you to see the cottonwoods trees – right now a luminous yellow – prettiest tree I have ever seen – huge gnarled trees and they seem to like growing near water, Pat lives in the mountain – green pine trees but mostly sand and cactus – he has a straw bale house and is snug and warm. We slept in Jemez Springs – in a tiny house – Robin would love it – there are hot springs there and a huge – pretty decrepit – Indian reservation and a gambling casino like a palace rising out of the earth. Well you are on the road again – Bon Voyage – we love seeing your pictures and reading your messages. with love from your old neighbor – Tibby

    • Oh my oh my oh my….we were in Albuquerque at the same time you were? Unbelievable. How sad to miss you! If you can imagine, we never got an opportunity to capture a shot of those cottonwoods! Always something about the traffic, our hunger pangs, the light, the background, the foreground, nowhere to park for a minute….grrrrr….they really are incredible. I hope we can still run across them somewhere out here.

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