So long, farewell

We’ve finally gotten up our courage, and plan to hit the road again. Ryan still consumes a massive amount of attention, but the attention is mostly preventive and his behaviors are mostly appropriate.

In the coming days we plan to head west again, probably through Albuquerque, with stops at Grand Canyon and Zion national parks!

The best part is that Robyn’s dad will fly to meet us at Grand Canyon, and will ride the rest of the way with us to our destination on this loop: just outside McKinleyville, CA where he lives…right in the midst of California’s North Coast…redwoods, surf, eagles, cool temps year-round, marijuana.

Medicinal marijuana.

The area is where we spent last winter, so we’ll pick up where we left off…enjoying nature at its best!

We leave the Dayton area with parting shots of sunsets and moonrises. The next bright pictures we post will be from somewhere in the west…


6 thoughts on “So long, farewell

  1. Happy trails to you and yours! Head to Osprey,Fl for my 5 month winter around 11/11. Hug a Redwood for us, we hope to get out there again before we pass. Blessings and Bon Voyage to you and family.TLC

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