Rocking Hocking

The Hocking Hills region of Ohio is a remarkable geological gem, and quite a departure in terrain…if your only contact with Ohio consists of interstate travel!

Our recent journey through the region gave short shrift to the many, many really lovely features….partly because the travel to and from occupied so much of the day, and partly because some areas require climbing too many steps or traveling along forest paths that are too rough to be sensible with Ross & Ryan.

But Ash Cave had a fairly short and nicely paved path from the parking lot, as did Cantwell Cliffs (but not clear to the cliffs…).

The jewel we discovered was Rock House….

Late in the day, when the boys were done in, we came to this very rugged section of the park. Many uneven steps, very steep hillside climb, and quite a distance from the parking lot to the main feature.

I ran the course with my camera and monopod, and got lucky. Lucky, because the so-called rock house is unmarked…and it’s not at the bottom of the hillside, so you could go waaaaay past it and have to come clear back to see it! My luck was in the form of a nice older couple who were on their way back up, who told me how to find the house.

Cave, actually.

And apparently it’s the only true cave in the whole area. I wouldn’t know what is required to be a true cave, but you can see from the first two pictures below that what is called Ash Cave is actually just a large, deep area under massive overhanging rock.

Gotta go back sometime and get more pictures of the Rock House gorge, and more detailed photos of the cave!

Quite a treasure, Hocking Hills….


5 thoughts on “Rocking Hocking

  1. Oh my! Now I want to go there for sure after seeing these photos. Incredible. I had heard of this once, but never got serious about learning more or going there.

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