Farms occupy a large portion of the real estate around Dayton. As we approach harvest time, the colors of fields change, and shortly they undergo rapid changes in shape and texture as tall crops are cut to ground level.

We love the fall season for its many transitions, and share these pictures from our daily drives of late.


5 thoughts on “Cornucopia

  1. Love your pictures. Hope things are getting better for you guys, and you will be able to go somewhere warm for the winter. Keep the pictures coming!

    • Thank you for all that, Marilyn! We’re making plans right now to be moving next week…heading west until we splash, then north almost to Oregon! We should have some lovely scenery to share….

  2. Very nice pictures. I’ve just been out the last couple of days to take some pictures of the fall colors, too, and I always enjoy getting some of the dried cornstalks in the fields, as well as the vibrant tree colors.

  3. I wanted to leave a comment complimenting you on your photos, and I see others have beaten me to it. I had missed them, but now you’re back.

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