For many years, Robyn has loved to visit a nursery and garden center outside Dayton and admire its many luscious displays and floral offerings. She always came away with something to add to our yard.

This summer has provided her with several opportunities to stop by, although now she’s “just looking, thanks” because our rolling stone gathers no moss.

They offer much more than flowers and fertilizer…thought you’d be amused by some of the special visual treats they provide.

Click on any to see it in greater detail. The second one, in particular, offers a couple interesting points: first is the roof-top garden; second is the sky-high narrow walkway with fence; third is the sign. The walkway and sign involve goats that didn’t put in an appearance on this occasion….



11 thoughts on “Whimsy

  1. Have seen this! Owners should get some sort of award for a green thumb or at least a high five from the goats!Blessings.TC

  2. So good to hear from you – maybe the worst is over and you can head South!
    And Meadowview – love it – spent my 80th bd there in Sept – with 3 of my old nurse friends – after lunch at Melody Inn – down the road – have you tried that – they do carry out – wow- with love – Tibby

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