It’s been a long road….

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Wow….when Ryan’s meds get out of adjustment, life gets real complicated real fast.

We’ve been parked outside Kokomo or Dayton for several months, because Ryan’s explosive behaviors have required doctor visits every week or three, and because traveling in the coach adds complexities that we don’t need right now.

Every day has involved constant physical contact and activity with him in an effort to avoid meltdowns that leave him bruised and us breathless. Robyn has borne nearly the entire burden of this interaction, because I don’t seem to understand how to soothe him out of these titanic events….

I tell you this to give a little view into some of the other aspects of this life we lead….living the dream.

The interruptions of Ryan’s behavior have kept us from planning any kind of contact with you and our other friends….it has interfered with my contacts with my brother here in town!

What often works is to get in the car and drive…anywhere. In the summer heat, we’ll stop at Home Depot and have the boys push shopping carts until they’ve gotten enough exercise in those wide aisles. Some days we’ll visit three different Depot or Lowe’s stores.

We stop to smell the roses as much as we can. Ryan generally does well walking for short periods in a quiet environment, and Ross is just a wonderful little man who loves riding in the car, loves pushing carts, and walks so attentively with me…and waits as I stop for a quick photo.

I’m sorry to have kept you in the dark for these months. The environment, my mood, and the constant activity have not allowed me to spend time sharing with you.

Please don’t worry that you could have done something to help us…we know how to reach out, but this one has needed every thread of Robyn’s care, creativity, and compassion to get this far, and no one else understands Ryan sufficiently to be of value for even 10 minutes.

There is light at the end of this tunnel. We have achieved some meaningful improvement. We’re beginning to look at moving on before cold and rain set in around here.

In the coming days I hope to share some of the things we’ve seen and done during the past months. Today, I leave you with some of our simple joys….


28 thoughts on “It’s been a long road….

  1. So glad to receive some word…have worried about all of you…praying for peace for each..and the patience to deal with all of the issues..

  2. God speed to you and your family Doug. I think I say it best when I say that from your pictures and blog you seem to remember and enjoy the little things in life. That I have learned is a valuable lesson, that the little things can be our treasures to remember. We do not remember days, we remember MOMENTS. It looks like you and your family are living in the moment and remembering it well. -Erik

  3. Thoughts and prayers for all of you…worried that something must have happened…so glad you can still find and enjoy the simple joys….love seeing your pictures…take care!

  4. The pictures are wonderful; the update, not so much. They are and they aren’t “boys” anymore. The Queen Anne’s Lace is stunning; the rock wall and the shade, restful and inviting; the sun captured in the flowers under cloudy skies, life in a microcosm. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

  5. Welcome back. I always love hearing your stories and seeing your adventures. I’m sorry the last few months have been difficult. I hope things are on a more even keel these days. Prayers for your family are in my heart and on my lips. Hugs.

  6. Thank you for the update. I have been wondering what happened to you guys. I’ve missed all your posts on facebook too. I’ll definitely keep you and your family in my prayers!

  7. Nice to hear from you again. We ALL must take just one day at a time and enjoy the smallest victories. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Thanks for the update. So sorry for your hassles, but friends do like to know. I almost wrote 2 days ago, to ask if You were okay, but got too busy with the urgent. That night our TX kids came , and Robt has been working since to set up my new computer, so am keeping this short on my tablet.
    Sent from Samsung tablet

  9. Life is a constant challenge to our faith. That you have been so blessed to have a good partner to help and the constantly changing beautiful scenery that passes by are reminders that God loves us and wishes us His best. Our prayers are with you and follow you wherever you go. Blessings. Tom and Joyce Crowl.

  10. I noticed your emails and pictures were missing over the summer. They were truly missed. Sorry to hear of Ryan’s travails and the challenges you all faced. May God’s blessings and strength be with you every day on your adventurous road…. George and Teri Empey… sending prayers always.

  11. Good to hear from you but sorry that life has been much more difficult these past months. Will keep you and your family in prayer. Sure hope things improve soon and you can again be on the road enjoying life again. You two are wonderful parents. Hang in there knowing others care about what you are going through. Sharon Turner

  12. On Friday, my “Fan the Flame” word was confident. ( That’s Today 10/03/2014 )
    Micah showed great faith in God. He proclaimed that he would wait on God because He hears and saves us when help is needed. God would bring ( “His” ) people through the worst circumstances, upholding them when times were tough.

    ( All too often, circumstances and struggles really makes me feel defeated )

    “As for Us, We look to the LORD for help. We wait confidently for God to save Us, and Our God will certainly hear Us…. Do not gloat over Us, Our enemies! For though We fall, We will rise again. Though We sit in darkness, the LORD will be Our light…The LORD will bring Us into the light, and We will see his righteousness. Then Our enemies will see that the LORD is on Our side …with Our own eyes We will see their downfall.” (Micah 7:7-8, 9, 10)
    ( Our Light at the end of the tunnel )


    Love Roger & Marcia

  13. Have enjoyed catching up on your blog posts this morning while enjoying my morning coffee. Good to hear the update on the boys ~ love the smile on Ryan’s face in the close up shot (at least I think it was Ryan?) Nonetheless, seeing the smile says enough! God speed to you all as you continue traveling this beautiful country of ours. Storms don’t last forever. Keeping you, Robyn and the boys in prayer as you venture on!

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