Crossing the Creek

Always interesting to run across familiar names….

We went for a run with some friends to Turkey Run State Park, which is west of Indianapolis just 20 miles short of the Illinois border.

Lovely park that features a river named Sugar Creek.

You know, like Little Sugar Creek…the river five miles from our long-time home in Centerville, OH!

We drove through Montgomery County to get there…you know, like the county where our long-time home…well, you get it.

The large park had numerous areas for many different activities, and all were in use!
DSC_9844_aWe made the mistake of trying this suspension bridge….too shaky and too narrow to walk three-wide….Ross didn’t like to go first, and Ryan couldn’t even be pulled along!
DSC_9854_aIt sure was at the crossroads of activity for the park!

Just outside the park was a side road with its river crossing challenge for the car:
DSC_9876_aDSC_9917_aWhat a cool day!

2 thoughts on “Crossing the Creek

  1. Interesting post, and as usual, I love the photos. I can certainly understand Ross and Ryan feeling tentative about a bridge that moves underneath them. Seeing the covered bridge makes me want to tell you that tomorrow I am participating in a bike ride called The Tour of Covered Bridges. It will go through or next to 12 covered bridges here in southwest Ohio – Preble and Butler counties.

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