I’m on fire!

Ross and I went for a walk this evening….waiting until dusk because the sun was so hot today!

We’re parked at the county fairgrounds outside Kokomo, IN, and there’s traffic in and out and through it all day. Wonderful place with lots of activity.

Including fire hose practice tonight!

We heard big engines coming, then saw the red paint and lots of lights, and knew we were in for some excitement!

No emergency, they were gathering for some continuing ed….using the grassy fields of the fairgrounds to stretch out the hoses and shoot some water!
DSC_9965_aNotice Ross way in the back on the left? He was greatly taken by the sound of those big engines….at high idle to pump the water.

He was even allowed to get up close and personal with the tanker engine!

5 thoughts on “I’m on fire!

  1. When you are in Ohio please call us! Michelle just graduated and she’s been making toys for the boys. And I would love to give the boys some up-close time with my firehouse apparatus at Station 43!

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