Between a rock and…

We stopped at the last rest area in eastern Arizona.

We looked to the right:

And we looked to the left:

Fortunately, we could keep going ahead….

11 thoughts on “Between a rock and…

  1. I think I have some pictures from a stop there once, when I was driving alone fromj southern CA to Roswell, NM, and then to Campion Academy for a graduation.

      • I bet you’ve seen some more beautiful places now that you’re in New Mexico. I really enjoyed Bandelier National Monument and El Moro National Monument, both in the Land of Enchantment.

      • I’m sure we would have….if we’d slowed down. Blew through the state on I-10, and stopped only to fill the tank with the cheapest diesel from coast to coast along our route!

        Maybe next trip…

      • Gotcha. Wherever you go, have a wonderful trip and enjoy the beauty everywhere. Keep them photos and post coming!

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