Welcoming committee

Look who met us as we pulled up to Marion’s house!
DSC_8270_aThis pair may have a nest nearby, because Lake Harney is very close.

We’re parked here for a few days outside Geneva, FL. Nice to spend time with Robyn’s sister at her house. We just had a couple weeks with her out on the California North Coast at Grandpa Fell’s place! I never shared this photo with you from that time.
DSC_7218Monday we pull out for a short run to Albemarle, NC to spend a few days with Sharon, the boys’ mother. Jared will even fly in to join us, and then will ride back to Dayton with us!

Life is good…

Fuzzy furry

We’ve landed in Florida for a few days.

Thank goodness, no more of that dry Arizona heat…

Hoo boy, this place seems to only have rain or high humidity. Of course, that generates growth…of everything.

I’ve shown you this particular live oak tree before…I still marvel at its size and the drama of its growth!
DSC_8208_aLook at the entire city that grows on its branches!
DSC_8224_aA tree nearby is similarly garbed: