Just a few of her favorite things

Sorry for the silence…been a little occupied with Ryan, adjusting some of his meds…

The shaking we felt about 10 days ago was quite an earthquake directly offshore about 50 miles from where we’re parked! No drama beyond about 20 seconds of shaking.

The shaking you feel on March 17 will be the result of our celebrating the 21st anniversary of Robyn’s 39th birthday!

We’ve been celebrating all month, but we took a special drive to catch a last look at some of her favorite things…because of her birthday, but also because we head east this Wednesday on our way to Dayton!

We have enjoyed soooo much the bounty of nature on this North Coast of California! Of course, it has also been a special joy to be parked 5 miles from Robyn’s dad and his wife!

As we leave here, we head to Orlando for some special alignment work on the Big Taxi chassis, then up to Sharon’s place in Albemarle, NC for a few days, and finally to Dayton. Jared will fly in to meet us at Sharon’s, and will ride with us to Dayton!

Then here’s a special kicker: we expect to head right back here for the summer!

Things might be a little quiet here on the blog for days as we undertake all the travel and appointments necessary for this major loop. During this trip, we will actually set eyes on the West Coast, Gulf Coast, and East Coast by the time we land in Dayton!

Enough talk. Happy Birthday to my Sweetness…she ain’t over the hill by any measure, she’s just getting started!

These are just a few of her favorite things:

7 thoughts on “Just a few of her favorite things

  1. ahhh such beautiful gorgeous things …Of course the boys the best and fav…:) moon rating high…and Happy birthday again (I posted on the wall) 🙂

  2. We are Happy…. The occupants of the Big Taxi are doing their best, and don’t worry about the silence… IT IS GOLDEN ~ Hope we get to see you when your wheels roll into Dayton. 🙂

  3. Happy birthday Robyn!!!! Would be awesome to get to see you all, if even for a quick hello, while you’re in Dayton. Safe travels to you all.

  4. 39? Yeah, right! As long as you keep moving, the # doesn’t change…much. Love to you guys. Tell Sharon “hi”. She might remember us…we go way, way back. Beautiful pics by the way.

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