Anything anywhere

Here’s an interesting tidbit: this portion of the California North Coast gets almost exactly the same average amount of precipitation each year as Dayton!

Different format, mind you.

The biggest difference in weather between here and Dayton is temperature. Here, the average temperature never gets up to 70 and never gets down to 40.

Despite the almost constant fog, the air in general doesn’t feel humid when the fog blows away.

But the combination of fairly cool temperatures and constant application of moisture results in stuff growing. Everywhere.

Not just redwoods.
DSC_4642_aThat’s a service station roof…notice the wood shakes?

You build it, they will come…and grow.
DSC_3267_aDSC_3269_aDSC_7420_aEven trees aren’t left alone…some have a multitude of hitchhikers.
DSC_0857_aBut not always…or forever…

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