Around and around

Some days we wander, going from pillar to post, as it were.

We headed into town to check out a small park we’d heard about, and I didn’t have my good camera with me…just the tiny one with the waterproof housing.

It takes such *wide angle* pictures that you sometimes lose track of anything more than 6 feet away. It’s fun to use, but you can’t expect too much from it…it cost less than the standard lens on my Nikon!

This park is called Redwood Park, so we had high hopes…

Check out what greets you at a tight corner just past the entrance sign:
DCIM101GOPROMultiple carvings on the massive base of an ancient tree that fell ages ago!

Did I mention this park is on the edge of a university?
DCIM101GOPROThe place was filled with students who were relaxing in a thousand different ways.
DCIM101GOPROThat dog grabbing the flying saucer was a pit bull, not the usual border collie!
DCIM101GOPROWe hiked a very short way into the woods, to absorb some of the majesty of these tall trees. This stand of redwood has numerous stumps from old growth trees, but it consists of much younger trees. Still, look how they grow out of…and across…ancient fallen trees.
DCIM101GOPROWe kept moving, because we wanted to catch a particular beach for sunset. On the way there, we stopped past another beach to check the tide. We were drawn to watch a rock climber who was practicing with a safety rope on the cliff we had just driven around to get there.
DSC_4547_aOn our way to the destination beach, we had to stop because a large herd of elk were using our bridge to conveniently cross a river. As they arrived in the field on the other side, a couple “teenage” elk blew some energy racing around the herd!
DSC_7209_aWhat with all the distractions, it was nearly miraculous we made it to the destination beach.

Worth the trouble, eh?

8 thoughts on “Around and around

  1. Really enjoyed this, Doug. I love the redwoods and the Prairie Creek Elk. Nice job of overcoming the limitations of the format to bring out some great compositions!

  2. Still great photos. Gosh, you’ve seen so many elk. And now, STUDENTS!! If that’s Arcata, and Humboldt State Univ, then it’s the site of one of my two track races in college I actually won (other than relays). I went to UC Davis, west of Sacramento a bit. We are finally having a warm day here in Ohio (in the 50s), but darned if I don’t have a cold, so I can’t ride. Continue to enjoy your lives!

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