Old friends, dear friends

One benefit of our travels is that we run across friends from long ago.

My best buddy from early years in high school lives 200 miles from where we’re parked here on the North Coast…which is about 2500 miles closer than when I lived in a house in Dayton…which may explain why I haven’t seen him but once since 1968!

But it’s still too far for a day trip…

Ahhhh, but it’s only 7 miles out of the way on our Klamath Falls trip!

We arranged to stop by to see Steve Feigner and his lovely bride, Joyce…

They live near the California border in Oregon, in a house they built back in the 70s. By hand. From trees on their property.

“Log cabin” doesn’t begin to portray the gorgeous home they’ve built…open and airy, with many wood and stone surfaces that maintain the natural look and feel of the home in its woodsy setting.

The Little Yank creek runs beside the home.

Steve has retired from a career in the US Forest Service, and Joyce has maybe another year in her to teach special ed students (she had a good time with Ross & Ryan!).

They fed us some homemade soup from an old family recipe, we listened to Beatles music like it was the olden days, and we relaxed for a few with dear friends before we piled into the Lil Taxi and headed home.


5 thoughts on “Old friends, dear friends

  1. What a nice story of reunion with long time friends…seems it was a real treat for all…your travels have brought you such a wealth of replenish it seems!!! Love the stories….

  2. I am very happy to read that you were able to hook up with Steve and wife. What fun! You have great opportunities to catch up with friends as you travel along. Enjoy the times.

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