The aftermath of a volcano

Crater Lake was formed when a volcano blew its top 7700 years ago.

And the Klamath Falls region is a large flat area that resulted from the blast and lava flow.
DSC_6070_aThere is a national monument containing some massive lava beds that protrude from the ground, and have an exposed side that looks like it was cut with a knife.
DSC_6131_aTurn around from these lava beds, and you see Mt Shasta about 75 miles to the southwest.
DSC_6140_aThe landscape is surprisingly barren. Not surprising…because it’s mostly based on lava beds, but surprising that farmers succeed in raising extensive crops in fields mile after mile.

The occasional ridge raises an interesting profile.

2 thoughts on “The aftermath of a volcano

  1. I love rocks, boulders! Rocky Mountains !! I have to go back to Ohio on Thursday! it is going to be cold. I will miss this COACHELLA Valley. thankful to my son and his partner for paying for the trip!

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