Crater Lake

HA, who wants to drive around in the rain looking for birds when you’re only 50 miles from Crater Lake?

Not us!

We spent our second day at Klamath Falls touring up into the mountains to Crater Lake.
DSC_5908_aDSC_5873_aAt one point, we stopped and took a picture in each direction…for the high drama of our surroundings!
DSC_5918_aDSC_5927_aDSC_5930_aDSC_5922_aWe knew there was a risk of roads being closed this time of year due to snowfall, but had called and verified one road was clear up to the lodge.
DSC_5944_aHA, we learned after we got there that this place gets an average of 44 feet of snow each year, and is one of the snowiest inhabited spots in America! In fact, the road was NOT open all the way to the lodge…yet…they were still clearing the last section and its parking lots when we arrived at the mid-mountain lodge.

We waited, because the final drive would put us at an overlook for the lake…

Yeeaahh, well, the place doesn’t get 44 feet of snow all at once…it gets a bunch, ohhh, every afternoon and evening…

Like while we were waiting…it started to snow, and by the time they opened the road, we arrived at the top to a raging blizzard! It was so bad I wouldn’t take the camera out into it…and we couldn’t see the lake only a hundred feet away…

Headed back down in a hurry…while we still could!
DSC_6034_aBefore the storm moved in, we had gotten this shot of the peak…it was our consolation prize!

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