Food fight

We ran up to Klamath Falls for a couple days, and ran into two days of rain, a blizzard at Crater Lake, and…

One. Morning. Of. Sunshine.

That final morning brought us the highlight of the trip: a front-row-seats-view of an eagle food fight!

The one eagle was carrying in his talons the remains of a kill, and suddenly another eagle began to chase and joust with him for possession! This was not playful… (click on any photo for greater detail.)
DSC_6217_aDSC_6241_aDSC_6248_aDSC_6255_aDSC_6259_aDSC_6275_aDSC_6286_aDSC_6292_aDSC_6309_aAs they skirmished in ever-widening circles, we could still hear them screaming in the distance!

12 thoughts on “Food fight

  1. Amazing sighting and amazing photos! By the way, our highs over the next few days are finally reaching into the 40s. However, this morning’s traffic news reports crashes all over the pace due to icy roads. Continue to enjoy your travels!

  2. Absolutely beautiful pictures – love the eagles! I’m sure you have posted this already but what type of camera are you using. We are starting to look for one and you take such beautiful pictures. I know you just had to replace one due to a water accident :} Thanks again for sharing your experiences.

    • Thank you, Debbie! I shoot a Nikon D610 camera, and the lens for these shots was a 300mm-2.8. You have to be *very* serious about your photos to buy this stuff. You can get lovely pictures with much less expensive equipment, but you won’t have the quite the clarity for distant stuff…like eagles in flight!

      • Thanks for the info. I used to be into photography several years ago but with all the digital options out now it is hard to keep up with all that. But, with retirement in the near future, we are ready to get serious about it again………..and you have given us the “bug”.

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