The coastline within a few miles of our coach exhibits a terrific range of styles.
DSC_2079_aDSC_1874_aSome of it is barely hospitable…even at low tide, while some of it invites a leisurely stroll.
DSC_4329_aDCIM101GOPROArtists…and homes…stand near the edge of sheer cliffs…
DSC_3889_aDSC_3929_aAs the sun sets off-shore, each evening offers a gorgeous vista. Notice in the final picture all the dots in the water…surfers pushing the limits of daylight for that last great wave!

8 thoughts on “Coasting

  1. Uncle Dougie, that first photograph stopped me in my tracks! Such a beautiful place, but also so wholistically composed. I love it! Also like the one of you with the boys on the beach. Way to go, my friend!

      • Good for you, Doug! Looking, seeing, perceiving. So many of your photos communicate on all of those levels. Keep em coming! Hey, any word yet on when you guys will be down this way? I’m about to sign off for the night, so will take your answer tomorrow. Have a great evening!

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