The North Coast of California is a land like no other.

It’s not even like northern California just a few miles inland from the coast. Start up into the low hills in July, and even at altitude the temperature rises to 90 degrees.

The coast will be 60.

And it might well be foggy.

The fog might be low or it might be high, it might be patchy or it might be everywhere, it might be a faint mist or it might be so thick you can cut it with a knife, it might be there at dawn or it might roll in at dusk, it might be just off-shore or it might just catch in the inland hills.

It’s usually beautiful.
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3 thoughts on “Fog

  1. Beautiful. During the summer, you can tell whether or not it’s going to pleasant to dine outside at the Bistro by looking up from the patio. Even if there are blue sky’s and it’s hot, if you can see a fog bank sitting on top of the hill, you know it’s going to roll inland within 45 minutes and it will be freezing cold. I am glad you are enjoying the North Coast.

  2. So you must be heading south. I don’t recall whether I mentiioned this before or not, but just a little south of the Hearst Castle is a small road heading in from the coast, San Simeon Creek Road, and 5 miles in on that is the Steplaldder Ranch that my dad used to own. When Bob & I went to Korea, we left some of our things stored there, then picked them up when we came back. We had some pleasant weekends there. My parents went up there most weekends, from L.A. It was about 700 acres, just at the end of the fog line usually. From the higher elevations on the ranch, one could see the fog rolling in–and could see the ocean too from the very highest. But tusually the fog stopped before it got there. A beautiful area.

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