Low tide

The tides around here produce a swing of about 8 feet in depth, and leave some pretty obvious marks at low tide. (click any photo to see much more detail!)
DSC_4661_aDSC_4671_aLow tide can make for some beauty on the beach…and not just rocks are left high and dry at low tide.
DSC_4702_aDSC_4726_aBoth of those rocks above will be completely submerged at high tide.

The rising tide affects other things. Here, the Little River “pours its heart out” into the ocean at low tide. Notice the ripples on its surface breaking back from the direction of flow…does the force of flow underwater exceed the ability of the peak to move with the flow?DSC_4650_aThe sandy beach is wide and flat here at low tide. As the tide comes in, the wash of each wave will run 100 yards toward shore! In the final picture below, the entire sandy beach you see will be underwater at high tide…and then some, because the hillside I’m shooting from is so steep, the vegetation on it blocks the view of its base.

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