Spring’s a-poppin

A-drippin would probably be more accurate.

The weather here on the North Coast has been remarkable for the past six weeks. Where there usually would be two or three days every week with some rain, there have been almost none.

We’ve told you about the fog. Oh yes, daily fog that leaves things dripping.

But a dampening fog isn’t the same as a good shower…or two days of rain.

You probably heard that the California governor declared a “drought emergency” after 2013 was the driest calendar year in 119 years of California rainfall records.

Well this area is beginning to do its part to refresh the water table…it’s begun to rain again.
DSC_2694_aAnd look what’s been waiting!
DSC_4516_aDSC_5267_aSome early birds already busted out…
DSC_2714_aDSC_4514_aAll because of a little…

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