The waves continue to draw us in.

No, no more baptisms.

It’s the constant rumble from a mile away, the crash up close, the thunderous boom when there’s a wall of rock standing in the way.

Of course, the spray is pretty…
DSC_2439_aDSC_2126_aThe challenge for photos is to find a place where the rocks are in the intertidal zone AND there’s a close vantage point that is safe from surf…like where the gulls sit!
DSC_1733_aDSC_1803_aDSC_1583_aThe boys were clearly safe behind these rocks, but it appears Ryan wasn’t convinced…

Actually, he was just being Ryan…he cannot stand in one spot for more than 30 seconds without stooping to explore the ground upon which he stands!

Some scenes require breaking the rule to move in close…
DSC_2380_aI had to climb down and around a massive rock in order to get some context for this shot. You’re still missing a lot of the scene because I couldn’t get off to the side. My toes got sprayed for this one…
DSC_2570_aAnd some scenes just require a long shot…

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