Roosevelt Elk

Interesting experience with elk around here.

Our first contact with elk was at Point Reyes National Seashore, with its herd of Tule Elk. They are found only in California after being hunted to the point only a single pair was found. Tule Elk are the smallest species of elk found in North America.

Just north of us is the largest, Roosevelt Elk. We ran across two large herds the other day.
DSC_1546_aThey range free and wide. We’ve found them in several key areas along 15 miles of highway, but this was the first time to run across a herd in this marshland. Couldn’t get any closer.

But we have before…
DSC_9448_aThis big bull was lounging with his herd on the grounds of a red schoolhouse museum. We’ve run across him before. He has some bird friends who perform pest eradication service every so often…he stands perfectly still for about 10 minutes while the birds dig for bugs!
DSC_9385_aThe second herd the other day displayed not the slightest interest in the camera…but rather some serious disdain, with rumps held high and heads down low. However, two of its members, young males, engaged in some mild antler wrestling.
DSC_1856_aDSC_1828_aAlthough wild, the elk are accustomed to people, and will casually stream across US 101…while cars wait. They walk through yards and fields, and disappear into the woods and hills.

They really are a treasure.

7 thoughts on “Roosevelt Elk

    • Yes, we are, Jim! Driven through the park on the scenic roadway and not seen any elk. In the coming weeks we plan to get over to Gold Bluffs Beach and Fern Canyon, where we understand elk can often be found.

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