DSC_9939_aWe continue to be amazed at the waves.

All day, all night, constant thunder in the distance from their crashing, constant spray up close…waves pound the shore even from a sea most calm.
DSC_9830_aTalk about fun, the gentle swells produce fascinating results at times. Like when the tide starts in, while the channel from Arcata Bay is still draining the extensive tidal basin…the narrow channel near the ocean produces these fabulous waves, and surfers jump in to show off!
DSC_0170_aSpectators just risk getting wet!
DSC_0112_aEverywhere…they just keep coming and keep booming. See the birds?
DSC_9536_aDSC_9643_aMany little creatures are grateful for the wash-and-runoff. I just like the pattern.
DSC_2343_aSome kayakers were having fun with a small cave that explodes with spray when swells reach it!

4 thoughts on “Waving

  1. That is one difference between ocean and gulf water. No pounding surf in the latter. How do the twins respond to the sound of surf or can they hear it?

    • Ohhhh, they hear fine, Trudy! Robyn thinks Ross is bugged a bit by the roar when we’re near the surf, but he’ll walk along the sand near the waves quite nicely. I think having just the din from 300 yards away is bothersome to him but walking close and hearing the individual waves is okay.

  2. Doug, that second photograph draws me in! I know the North Coast somewhat, but Big Sur better, and I love to walk beside the sea and hear that sound. I sometimes think if you could record it, then slow it down to about 1/1000th of actual speed, you might hear the individual notes of the Pentatonic scale all played together simultaneously.

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