Beaches hereabouts

They sure know how to do beaches around here!

Mile after mile, the road runs along the shoreline, sometimes pulling back far enough that people can build cliff-hanger homes. And the beaches are not always particularly inviting.
DSC_0592_aActually, the beach above hosts one of the greatest collections of tidal pools at low tide that can be found for many miles around. It’s contained in a state park….much of the coastline hereabouts is safeguarded as part of a state or national park.

Access is often free, and quite easy. Just drive down a short sandy/gravel road and park in a sandy lot at the edge of the beach.

Or bring your horse and run along the w-i-d-e expanse of smooth sand at low tide!
DCIM101GOPROOr gaze in wide wonder at the sand patterns left by a departing wave.
DCIM101GOPROWhether sand dunes or rocky hillsides, the shoreline is always populated by clusters of pampas grasses.
DSC_2400_aThe undulating coastline provides bays and beaches without end, some reached by steep hillside paths.
DSC_0252_aAt the end of the day, there’s always a clear view of the sunset.

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