Just strollin

We don’t spend ALL our time out in nature…in the wilderness…

Look at our recent stroll through civilization.
DSC_1478_aDowntown Eureka, CA hugs the Pacific Coast. Here, we enjoyed the sights, sounds, and smells along the city Boardwalk…which is located beside a commercial fishing pier and all its paraphernalia…

The city actually fronts on a small bay, and is therefore protected from direct ocean wave action by a narrow peninsula that stretches for miles.

Here, we’re looking across to an island inside the bay to a marina that provides moorings for a host of commercial fishing boats. What look to me like masts for sailboats are actually large poles for radios and hoists for fishing…these boats are ocean-going, so are larger than the pleasure boats we’ve been seeing on the Great Lakes.

A statue across the channel pays homage to these fishermen.
DSC_1489_aWhat a fun interlude for a day of errands!

9 thoughts on “Just strollin

  1. A beautiful and interesting part of California. We have spent time up there and in Arcadia looking at assisted living opportunities. Your pictures are beautiful.

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