Stay away from the water

Not doin so well dodging waves…let’s go inland…

Redwood National Park starts just north of where we’re parked, and runs about 40 miles up toward the Oregon border.

It narrows down in some places to just include the shoreline. It also surrounds several different state parks.

One, just east of Crescent City, is Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park, and contained within its boundaries is a very special place called Stout Grove.

Oh my, they don’t make it easy. Actually, they don’t make it artificial and they don’t make much accommodation. The drive through the park to Stout is a single lane gravel road nearly 7 miles from one direction or 3 miles from the other. It’s not one-way, so you have to watch for on-coming cars and figure out a way to move over enough to get past.

This photo shows their idea of a parking lot for a trail head!
DSC_0919 (2)_aWe pressed on along the gravel road, because we’d heard Stout was worth the effort.

Oh, I don’t know, what do you think?
DSC_0968 (2)_aIsn’t that amazing? Stout Grove has been called the most scenic stand of redwoods in the world. It lies within a flood plain that really cuts down on smaller trees growing, so your view of the redwoods is much less obscured.

We arrived kind of late in the afternoon, which was nice for photos with the warm, soft, golden-red rays of sun.
DSC_0963 (2)_aDSC_0958 (2)_aAs we headed home, we swung by the waterfront in Crescent City…and caught this scene. I’d say we lead a charmed life, eh?
DSC_0905 (2)_a

16 thoughts on “Stay away from the water

  1. Yes, almost jealous! Today I’ve been sitting here at my desk, looking out on snow in weather that I think is about zero degrees, all while struggling to condense/cut a life sketch of Leona Running, who died yesterday. How does one cram 97 years of full, rich life into a few pages to read at a funeral?

  2. Janet and I agree you lead a charmed life, but you two make it so! It doesn’t just happen; for example, you must DECIDE to stop and take your incredible photos. We especially were floored by your final picture. (That would also make you big bucks if you sold it framed.)

    • I suppose, Ken, but we just stopped by the shoreline to catch sundown…and found it sinking right beside a lighthouse…what luck! And we had little idea how gorgeous Stout Grove was…it was so obscure we almost didn’t find it! Our luck is your luck…

  3. Dougie Boy, that last photograph is AMAZING! You’re in a gorgeous region and got some great photos. You should compile your favorite blogs into a book with your photos. makes it easy.

  4. Loved the redwoods too, have asked to have my ashes scattered there (can be done with park manager permission). The lighthouse near Eureka is surrounded by water at high tide. Ladybird Johnson led the fight to save this special stand of trees and dedicated the national park there, Eureka grew up as a logging town and contains some beautiful Victorian gingerbread homes. Blessings to all from “sunny 39 degrees Florida this AM!” TC

  5. Did you find a replacement for the drowned camera? Whatever you are using combined with your creative genius and eye surely make for inspiring photos. Keep posting please. Helps heaps in these zero, snowy temps! Hint of a complaint in there somewhere! Also a prayer of gratitude for uninterrupted power which means heat!!

    • Ohhh, I think you really like these! You’re so very kind, Trudy! Yeah, we’ve already replaced the baptized camera, even before it comes out of the rice. No matter its condition, we won’t want to keep it or won’t be able to use it for weeks or months…so we moved on. These pics show some of the new camera’s talents….so glad you can enjoy their warmth!

  6. Charmed life indeed! I am trying so hard NOT to be jealous of your adventures (maybe just a little). My time is coming to hopefully be able to travel around and explore. Your pictures are awesome!

    • Ha ha, sounds like we’ve been inspirational! We’re finding so many wonderful things EVERYWHERE we travel…just gotta slow down and soak it in, take a side road, and follow an impulse. So glad you’re enjoying the pics, Debbie!

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