Well blow me down

The weather forecast carried a warning for two days: large waves from a distant storm would begin to pound the shoreline in the early morning hours, and the highest…20 to 24 feet!…would coincide with high tide!

This we had to see!

Of course, at first light the area was buried in fog, as we’ve already showed you….

The waves, Doug, show us the waves…

Oh yeah, sorry.
DSC_1541_aThe waves were larger than usual, and the tide came up higher than anyone had seen in months, but there were no waves approaching 20-24 feet! Frankly, it was kind of a bust.
DSC_1291_aStill, the noise of those waves made it nearly impossible to talk on the beach. Robyn’s father lives about a mile and a half directly back from the shore, and we could hear their rumble from his porch!

The fog really interfered with photos, and yet in some areas it was dense from shore to sea but thin from earth to sky, so we could see blue sky above but barely see the waves and rocks offshore!
DSC_1643_aDSC_2201_aDSC_1820_aOf course, Robyn rose above it all…
DSC_2280_aAll in all, it was a great adventure. Even the sundown gave a wink through the remaining low-lying mist.

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