Shore birds

We’re parked about 3 miles from the ocean, and 4 miles from Arcata Marsh & Wildlife Sanctuary…which is right next to the ocean.

The marsh is primarily salt water, and when the tide is out twice a day, the marsh is a large mudflat. However, there also are a number of fresh water lagoons…whose levels are constant and very near the height of the road & parking lots!

Our visit near low tide found a dearth of birds, but several of those present were foreign to our experience.
DSC_9980_aDSC_9958_aDSC_9985_aWe must return soon…at high tide!

As we traveled to the beach, we ran across this pair enjoying about a 7 mile stretch along the shore…we only paced them for about a mile.
DSC_0039_aTides are a novelty to me, having spent most of my time around inland lakes, and the nearby beaches surprise me with the distance the water moves up the sand from low tide to high tide. In the picture below, I hope you can see the damp sand half way to the camera from the waves. That was the high water mark. Then look how far out the waves are breaking. The gradual slope of the beach makes for a long sweep of those waves.

Oh, imagine my surprise to find a Robyn on the beach in California!

6 thoughts on “Shore birds

  1. Thanks for taking us along,, Next time We”ll all take a stroll on the beach… You can Pinch Robyn n the boys for us… 🙂

    • Wow, wouldn’t it be great to have you two walk the beach with us?! But it’s almost like you did…except for you it felt like 20 degrees! Look at the pictures & feel warm…

    • Thank you for that! We thought so too….and Robyn had IDs on the other two which I’ve forgotten…it’s a different world from one side of the continent to the other!

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