Walking among giants

Driving, really.

We decided to get an overview of Redwood National Park, a large park just north of our campground, by just a brief driving tour through part of it.

A scenic drive cuts through the upper half, so we had about 20 miles of redwood scenery.

We kept stopping to marvel at the trees….it’s just not possible to get used to the size of these trees!
DSC_0694_aThey are the tallest trees on earth, and their evergreen foliage is lush. They respond well to a particular environment, which seems to be found primarily in a long narrow swath a few miles inland from the Pacific Ocean running approximately 450 miles north to south.

In this environment, the trees are constantly swept by fog and low-hanging clouds, and so they grow and grow. They proliferate like weeds!

And they create a density that is almost impossible to photograph.
DSC_0693_aWell, I can photograph almost anything…you just might not be able to see the forest for the trees.


In the photo above, the mound of ferns in the foreground of the left third is actually a very large log of redwood with its end toward the camera. Beyond it in the background is a large, ragged stump from which it probably fell. It’s remarkable how much the trees help promote growth of so much greenery…while alive and after death. The darkness of the redwood forest, and the near-inability of wind to blow through it, creates such a moist environment: look at the carpet of ferns!

The redwood bark is nearly a separate living organism from the tree. Its surface is so heavily convoluted that it provides a haven for growth of many things….
DSC_0708_aAs we exited the park at its northern end, we found ourselves near the point where the Klamath River enters the ocean. With little time before dark, we really rushed the tour!

Look what we ran across: several structures in a traditional Yurok Indian ceremonial village!
DSC_0754_aThere was no parking close to the ocean shore, and the delta created by the river kept the road way back from the mouth of the river. We chose a walking path that turned out not to take us to the river’s mouth….

No pictures of that confluence….

As we headed back home, the setting sun provided the day’s final photographic distraction.

10 thoughts on “Walking among giants

  1. Great pictures. Walking down a path through a strand of redwoods makes me think I am in church. You feel like you should be whispering because it’s so quiet.

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