Uh oh, Petoskey, you have competition

We rolled out of Napa, headed to the coast, and turned north.
DSC_8948_aYep, Avenue of the Giants.

We were headed to see Robyn’s dad, but drove through this little stand of trees…okay, this incredible grove of towering timber…and were so taken by the beauty that we decided to stop for the night in a campground right in the midst! Dad had to wait another day….

The coastline and the topography near the shore has not changed much…other than the redwoods. Robyn’s dad lives a little north of Eureka, CA, in McKinleyville. His house is less than 3 miles from the ocean, 50 miles north of Avenue of the Giants and 30 miles south of Redwood National Park.
DSC_9007_aDSC_9086_aThese two photos were taken within a quarter mile of each other…the rocky shore will go around a corner and turn into a lovely sandy beach! On the day the boys were walking on the sand, the cool, damp wind was a remarkable force…

We’ve noticed the redwood forests seem to be more quiet than others, but our experience at a picnic lunch showed otherwise. Each of these birds repeatedly visited our table and nearby ground to scavenge our scraps…ooops, dropped another cracker…and brought numerous family members!
DSC_0321_aDSC_0344_aDSC_0464_aNot every hillside is covered with redwoods, and not every shoreline is saltwater, but the beauty around here just goes on and on and on.

We’re inclined to stay for awhile….

6 thoughts on “Uh oh, Petoskey, you have competition

  1. Big Taxi looks like uh Matchbox toy in the Avenue of the Giants.
    Robyn n the Boys makin’ tracks in the sand, just Love it…
    Thanks for taking us along…
    From Yer Home town in the Buckeye state…

  2. Doug, some gorgeous photos here. That Blue Jay is remarkable! I love the Redwoods and it’s sad that there are fewer of them than ever. Have you come to Prairie Creek yet? I enjoy seeing the elk herd there. Have a blast!

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