Turn slowly, face north

It actually wasn’t hard to leave San Francisco….there’s soooo much loveliness to see beyond it!

This time we turned our attention north. From Mount Tamalpais, we previously showed you the San Francisco Bay environs. Just turn around from that vantage point and you see this.
DSC_7770_aThe hills continue, usually right up to the coastline, where you encounter the famed Highway 1. On the way to the coast from our campground, we passed numerous farms, many of which are simply called vineyards, but which change emphasis the closer you get to the coast.

The one below seemed to grow almost everything…from cattle to olives to grapes to who-knows-what. Some farms appear to be very successful exotic niche growers while others seem unlikely to even scratch a subsistence. This one had the moon rising….
DSC_7821_aOur trips to the coast were nicely interrupted one evening by dinner along Bohemian Highway in the town of Occidental…at Bistro des Copains, an exquisite place owned by Michel and Cluney, two friends of ours from waaaay back!

In fact, we experienced the finest meal in memory that evening! Ahhhhhh…..

Oh, back to the coast.
DSC_7472_aDSC_7529_aDid you see the two fishermen in the last photo? Speaking of animals (just kidding…), the wildlife was interesting.
DSC_7398_aDSC_7605_aThe birds were almost unafraid of us, but the seals were protected from human interaction by signs and fences that kept us well back!

We just had a good time on a cloudy day winding our way along Highway 1.

12 thoughts on “Turn slowly, face north

  1. Great pictures of our beautiful Northern California coast line. Thanks for the shout out for Bistro Des Copains. We are very happy you enjoyed your meals there. I am sorry it didn’t work out for me to be there. Happy New Year. I look forward to more great photography and posts in 2014.

    • Careful, we’re coming back through in a few months! The restaurant really shows the results of your effort, Michel, and we enjoyed every morsel! We missed connecting with you…

      Thank you for the kind words about the photos…it’s hard to go wrong with that coast!

  2. I love these pictures. You probably already went past the Cambria/San Simeon area. My dad owned a ranch 5 miles inland on San Simeon Ck Rd from Hwy 1. From the hills on it we could see the ocean. Bob & I tried hunting it up while there a couple of years ago, & we found it, but the drive into was gated & locked. It was just a bit south of the Hearst Castle. Did you stop to tour that? Also, in that same area is a spot where I got much closer pictures of oodles of seals (or sea lions, I think). Maybe it was because of a longer lens; I forget now, but we were quite close, despite the fence.

    And if you should happen to end up on Hwy 101 a bit north of there, I think the best Italian restaurant I ever ate at is in Geyserville, just a small town right off 101, with one main street with Catelli’s on it. It was a little north of Healdsburg; Our family went there after a grandson’s graduation from Rio Lindo Academy last May. Don’t miss it if you are near.

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