They really pack ’em in

DSC_7782_aNever thought of it before, but hills are an excellent way to get more housing in a small space.

We’ve all seen the sharply sloped streets in San Francisco….they make high drama for car chases on tv….but they enable packed-in housing!
DSC_8253_aThis is the second most densely populated big city in the country. While they manage to use every square inch, right down to the water’s edge, it’s all done quite nicely…with parks scattered every few blocks, and lovely trails and green areas along the waterfront.

The suburb of Sausalito is a classic collection of all types, often portrayed as the home for artistic types and free spirits.
DSC_8224_aI think their claim to fame should be the floating homes gathered there….over 400 of them….after all, it was while staying on a floating home here that Otis Redding wrote “Dock of the Bay”!

These photos are dreadful in that we were there at low tide, so the mud flats surrounded everything. But high tide carries these small palaces about 5-6 feet higher, and provides the ability to take your boat or kayak directly from the front door out into the bay! Very remarkable multi-story dwellings that reflect the personalities of their residents!
DSC_8189_aDSC_8191_aDSC_8213_aBut wait, there’s more….

In the gorgeous boat marina right next door, among the tall masts there are some power boats….that house some permanent residents! Which isn’t surprising, given that the median rent for San Francisco is over $3400 per month, but a slip in the marina is $235…
DSC_8210_aUltimately, San Francisco is a very large, beautiful collection of diverse people. Speaking of which (whom?), I must say that the visit with Dennis and Heller on the occasion of their wedding reception in Point Richmond along the bay was a very special event!

In closing the posts on San Francisco as we head north, I leave you with this….click on it to enlarge, wait and do it again so it’s full size….the streaks of light in the sky are airplanes for SFO which is almost dead-center of the photo.

8 thoughts on “They really pack ’em in

  1. As always, Doug, fabulous photos and descriptions. So glad you are having a good visit there. Your photos of Sausalito remind me of the time in my own boat I was cruising slowly through one of the marinas there and as I turned around at the end of a row of slips, my prop hit hard on something metal and large. It bent my prop, darn it. Eventually I had to replace it. But what a nice area that is. Angel Island was interesting too.

  2. Beautiful pix. This is home territory for my husband. I think he even spent some very early years living in Sausalito, but then Burlingame, and his parents worked in SF, so all this is home for him.

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