I left my heart, in…

DSC_7978_aNo….not Alcatraz….

Don’t tell me, name’s on the tip of my tongue…
DSC_7985_aDSC_8002_aYeah, big bridge, Robyn was standing in front of it….San Francisco, that’s it!

The Golden Gate Bridge dominates the San Francisco skyline from many angles. It was interesting to compare it to the Mackinac Bridge…both are huge and imposing…Golden Gate is barely lit at night, but its red paint is impossible to miss in daylight, whereas the Mac tends to take on sky and sunbeam colors, but it’s a beacon of lights at night.

Surprised to see three inspectors walking the cables!
DSC_7984_aWe were close to the tower, and the lens really pulls them up closer. Here’s a shot to give you a better sense of the scale (see the inspectors waaaay down the cable?).
DSC_8022_aWe had fun watching the city “come to life” as the sun went down…with a nearly full moon already rising!
DSC_8071_aDSC_8120_aDSC_8124_aDSC_8129_aDSC_8132_aAs we took that last shot, we realized there was a parade of boats in the harbor that were all decked out in Christmas lights! We rushed down into the city to the marina and caught some as they docked for the night.

4 thoughts on “I left my heart, in…

  1. Another occupation never considered, past or future: cable inspector, and especially on “The Big Bridge”!! Loving the travelogue. Keep posting.

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