Tall, bent, colorful

Trees, bushes, and vines: the Napa Valley and nearby environs have some pretty spectacular ones.

Vino is always on your mind around Napa…the fields of vineyards go on and on, up over the hill to the next horizon, tucked into every available square inch, in neatly trimmed row upon row. All the industry in place to grow those clusters of grapes….
DSC_7370_aDSC_7387_aAlthough the Valley is probably just 30 miles from the Pacific Ocean, there are no straight lines to get there and we can’t fly like crows, so it’s more like 50 miles.

Worth every mile. Look at the trees you get to enjoy on the way!
DSC_7613_aDSC_7812_aAnd finally, along the coast, where the wind is so strong and constant from the ocean that trees have trouble growing branches on the side that faces the water….

2 thoughts on “Tall, bent, colorful

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