From Yosemite to the coast

We came down out of the Sierra Nevada mountains, and headed to the western edge of the continent.

Not so fast…

There’s a fascinating place in between called the California Delta, which is formed by the confluence of the Sacramento and San Joaquin rivers. Quoting from Wikipedia: “In its natural state, the Delta was a large freshwater marsh, consisting of many shallow channels and sloughs surrounding low islands of peat and tule. Since the mid-19th century, most of the region has been gradually reclaimed for agriculture. Wind erosion and oxidation have led to widespread subsidence on the Central Delta islands; much of the Delta region today sits below sea level, behind levees earning it the nickname ‘California’s Holland’. Much of the water supply for central and southern California is also derived from here via pumps located at the southern end of the Delta, which deliver water for irrigation in the San Joaquin Valley and municipal water supply for southern California.”

More important for us, our friends Ed & Dora live with their sons Dave and Doug in the midst of the delta in the town of Rio Vista. We had to stop.

So glad we did! They showed us around, showed us a good time, and showed us that the challenges of life come without warning or instruction for handling…and the solutions are just as varied!

We had a wonderful day and couple evenings with them, and even got a special send-off with some great cookies baked by Dave and Doug…Laura, you have some serious competition!

Sorry, no pictures from this private event….

4 thoughts on “From Yosemite to the coast

  1. Doug,

    If Gavin Menzies is correct, there’s a ruin of a Chinese junk in the Sacramento Delta from a few years before Columbus landed. His book *1421 the Year China Discovered America* is controversial, but great reading. I think he’s onto something.

    Enjoy the Coast!


    On Sun, Dec 22, 2013 at 10:05 AM, the BigTaxi

    • Fascinating! Apparently, the Chinese receive a lot of credit for salvaging the delta land from its status as a marsh by building the extensive network of levees, because they were given parcels of land in return.

  2. And there’s an old “Chinatown” in Locke, just north of Walnut Grove. In ’91, ’93, ’95, and 2000 I spent a week in my boat on the Delta, exploring everything between Berkeley in the Bay, to north of Sacramento. Even went up the Petaluma River to Petaluma, where my bro and I were born. They were super adventures. Always had my brother, my kids, and his kids. I hope you like the Delta area.

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