Rockin, part deux

I mentioned the scale of Yosemite’s cliffs and domes.

Click on the photo below….and then notice the helicopter.
DSC_7280_aThe park is stunning, inviting, comforting, energizing, mesmerizing, raw, colorful, shadowy, blinding, grand, personal…and a national treasure of incalculable value.

8 thoughts on “Rockin, part deux

  1. Beautiful work, Doug! I love Yosemite, too. The next place I’m excited to go (I have a trip planned for October) is Fantasy Canyon, Utah. Check it out on Google images. It’s near two other gorgeous destinations, Provo Canyon and Mt. Timpanogos where Redford’s Sundance Institute is located. The rocks of Fantasy Canyon have been calling my name since I found them online a few months ago. Enjoying your blog, bro!

  2. As Teddy Roosevelt found camping with John Muir above half dome the pristine valley is a real inspiration. Wishing all who read this a season of peace and love honoring the nature he gave us and seeking to preserve its beauty forever. Tom Crowl, Oscar Scherer Park, Osprey,Fl.

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