The wood of Yosemite

This park is most noteworthy for its incredible, towering granite domes and sheer rock faces.

But the valley that runs through the park is a canopy of green from the tall, dense trees that almost totally block the sun.

Several groves of Sequoia trees are…umm…standouts.
DSC_6146_aDSC_6151_aIt seems everything grows big here, and leans toward the sun.
DSC_6234_aDSC_6242_aWe thought these very tall trees with the strong vertical folds in their reddish bark were redwoods, but found they are actually Incense Cedar.

So many trees are evergreens that the roads and paths are heavily shaded all year.
DSC_6842_aDSC_6283_aDSC_5882_aDSC_6941_aDSC_7138_aNumerous open areas offer fabulous views…and provide the setting to see the trees instead of the forest….
DSC_6362_aDSC_6679_aIt’s not all tall, slender trees….
DSC_6087_aDSC_5531_aDSC_7175_aAnd it’s not all peaches and cream…or smooth sailing….
DSC_6292_aDSC_6792_aAll of nature in Yosemite National Park has to scratch for a living, under conditions sometimes that fight mightily against them. Most are opportunists of the first degree…living on the edge…
DSC_6348_aDSC_5592_aAs we went home each evening…was it fire, or just sundown?

8 thoughts on “The wood of Yosemite

  1. amazing photos Doug. You captured it well. I haven’t seen Yosemite since I was ten. Time for another visit I think.

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