Yosemite vistas

This was my first real visit to Yosemite, and 10 days wasn’t enough time to even begin to explore it!

And we were terribly limited….numerous roads and trails were still closed from one of the largest fires in California history that burned for months this summer in and around the park, AND two mountain passes used to reach eastern and southern sections of the park were already closed by snow!

Not complaining, mind you….this place is spellbinding every way you turn!

We drove into the park every day from the west, dropped about 3000 feet into the valley, spent the day awestruck by the massive sheer cliffs and numerous domes, then drove up and out in the dark.

The most interesting thing about the park for me was the way it changed from day to day, even hour to hour.

The photos with this post are intended to provide an overview of the park, with its facing lines of massive granite mountains and the valley and Merced River that run east to west.

12 thoughts on “Yosemite vistas

  1. Doug and family; such a wonderful reminder! Joyce and I loved the place even in high season. Like Yellowstone most roads and access closed in winter starting late September. Fire will give new birth to the park and is a natural occurrence. Easy to see why TR and Ansel Adams found it special. Am heading home to Ky til after Christmas and will return to sunny Fla on the 26th. Wishing all a happy and blessed holiday! Tom Crowl

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