A stop for old times

We blew in to Yucaipa for two nites so we could catch sight of some friends from loooong ago who live nearby in the Loma Linda area.

It worked!

Sooooo nice to spend brief time with Bob & Lillian, Kathy, Jim, Candy…. and sooooo sad to miss connecting with Larry!

Some of these friendships go back to high school!

And on the way out of town, the rain parted, we stopped at an interchange and pulled into a Home Depot lot…so we could meet up with Marina for hugs & laughter!

No pictures from these fabulous private moments….

The Big Taxi headed north…for 10 days in Yosemite!

Ummm, pictures to follow….

4 thoughts on “A stop for old times

  1. Hey Doug! I don’t know your range for day trips, and figured it wasn’t worth actually commenting on in your post, but I don’t think Cannon Beach is really all that far north of Tillamook, for what it’s worth. An hour, maybe? Regardless, enjoy!

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