Blowin through a dry land

The real point of our present loop to the West Coast….is the West Coast.

Not real shocking, but it does mean the 2400 miles between Dayton and Los Angeles gets the short shrift. At least on the way out…maybe on the way back we’ll stop a little more.

We drove the 1400 miles from Dallas to Loma Linda in three days, stopping one night in a rest area and the other night in the parking lot of a Pea Soup Andersen’s restaurant. The second stop was real convenient for supper and breakfast (who knew pea soup could be so good?), but dreadful for sleep….because it was next to a truck stop and across the street from another truck stop!

The photos below are in the sequence we encountered them, and I’d be hard-pressed to identify the state in which each was taken…what with Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California all looking so much alike from I-20 and I-10!

You will notice, however, that we began the run by encountering a massive wind generator farm, and we finished it in the same manner. Neither photo does justice to the incredible number of machines in that area.

Just an aside: we concentrated so much on keeping moving, that these photos were shot as we rolled, with the exception of the train and the photo after it.

1 thought on “Blowin through a dry land

  1. I just got back from a trip to Baltimore for Bob’s professional meetings, and while there I got e-mail by tedious SquirrelMail, which often doesn’t allow pictures, so I had to wait till now to catch up on the 3 latest. I am glad they are now coming again. I just shared your Dallas ice pictures with our kids near Houston, but it’s a long trip for them to try to go and see the sculptures. I wonder if the creators are frorm Harbin; I’ve seen pictures of their amazing annual ice-sculpture festivals. It would be fun to go sometime. Also, now that you’re in L.A., too bad you can’t easily go to a Philharmonic concert and see Lyndon there. I think Beth and the girls usually attend once a week too.

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