A fond farewell

We have left Petoskey and the great northern area of Michigan.

It has been an amazing summer for us! The “Pure Michigan” slogan is not mere hype. The geography, the climate, and the people really are something special…simple, quiet, nice, and pure.

We’ve already made some reservations for next summer back here, and will make others when the time comes.

The Little Traverse Bay opens into Lake Michigan in a westerly direction, which provides a fabulous vista for the setting sun. The nearly constant cloud formations provide terrific color and texture as well.

No wonder the area is renowned for its sunset photos.

I’ve shared numerous shots with you for the past five or six months, but actually saved a number of interesting ones to share as a final farewell for this year here….
(click on any shot to see it large on your screen!)

17 thoughts on “A fond farewell

  1. Gorgeous pictures again, but “final farewell for the year”? That sounds ominous. Last I knew, there were more than 2 months remaining.

  2. Wow ~ love ’em…gorgeous pictures…nice story but farewells do sound sad….might have to say “see you around next year”…:) just teasing…I am so happy to know your family…the pictures and stories have been a treasure, especially to someone sort of confined to this area a lot (with my M-I-L sitting job) …my view of Shenandoah Valley is phenomenal but loving your view of the world…God speed…

    • And we ARE sad! The longer we were there and the more we explored, the more we realized how well the area fit our needs and wants and joys! It’s different up there….

      Thank you for sharing our journey, and for the kind words! We really would love to get over your way sometime, because the Shenandoah Valley is a very remarkable place in its own right….

  3. Glad you enjoyed our beautiful state of Michigan. Your pictures are fabulous. We met Robyn in September in the UP – Cedarville. Loved her spin on retirement – RV – living and cannot wait for that next adventure for ourselves. Will continue to follow you on your next journey and those yet to come your way. Who knows, maybe we will meet again!

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