So much color, so little time

Our summer in Michigan is nearly over, and we move to the south end of the state today for a final week.

We waited until the last minute to see how color would develop along the Tunnel of Trees. We’d heard that it could be breathtaking, but our weekly drives to check progress had not been encouraging. We told you how the trees along the Lake generally turn more slowly than those inland, and the Tunnel runs nearly on the edge of the shoreline.

It was good, but not great.
DSC_3997_aThe “Tunnel” is interrupted by various hills and curves that leave the shoreline and lose the trees…but as you can see, that doesn’t mean “boring” when it comes to fall color!
DSC_3993_aDSC_3981_aDSC_3972_aWe eventually turned around and headed to Boyne Highlands to see if the inland areas were further along.

On the way, we ran across another “tunnel of trees”, a seasonal road to somewhere.
DSC_4036_aAnd we came upon this horse with his fabulous headgear to thwart flies!
DSC_4044_aBut the most interesting thing on our way to Boyne was this display of old cars!
DSC_4016_aWe had to stop for a moment in Harbor Springs to catch this scene for you: it actually shows our park in Petoskey waaaay in the background across the Bay!
DSC_3954_aWhen we turned the corner into Boyne Highlands ski resort, we immediately knew we’d come to the right place! The golf courses run the entire length of the resort, and provide a lovely setting for homes and recreation in the fall.
DSC_4117_aDSC_4191_aWe caught this fabulous barn on the edge of the resort juuuust before the sun dropped below the ski hill!
DSC_4122_aBut even the twilight provided a lovely afterglow, including a rising half-moon!

11 thoughts on “So much color, so little time

  1. You are getting some great pictures. And I’m almost a bit jealous, as I was wishing for another trip up north to see fall colors this year–it’s been a few years, and this year they’re not so great down our way; they seem to be turning from green to brown pretty directly.

  2. Like I’ve said before I’m waiting for your book! Such a feast for the eyes. God has been busy painting up north for sure. See you soon.

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