Farming in full color

As we went looking for color, we found trees became more vibrant the farther we drove away from Lake Michigan. That big body of water really moderates seasonal temperatures, and that affects the onset and pace of tree color in the fall.
DSC_3795_aDSC_3785_aDSC_3820_aWe also discovered we were driving past one farm after another. Crop farming is huge in Michigan, and the over 200 commodities grown commercially make the state the second most agriculturally diverse in the nation.
DSC_3858_aDSC_3834_aIt’s pretty much the end of the growing season, but some crops were still being harvested.
DSC_3878_aDSC_3905_aWe saw the usual patterns of the way crops are planted, but we also saw several farms where it seemed someone in charge was having a little extra fun with the layout of the land.
DSC_3854_aIn any case, the countryside was gorgeous! Wished you were with us to breathe it, smell it, and see it all for yourselves!

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