Water & trees, trees & water

During the summer in Michigan, everything involves water: in it, on it, around it, looking at it, making plans with it.

During the fall, trees get added to the mix. Everybody wants to know how the colors are progressing where you live or are staying.
DSC_3780_aWe began our day’s tour on a Petoskey golf course, then down to Charlevoix and a private marina that has almost closed for the winter. Sorry, the members-only parking lot is full for the winter….
DCIM101GOPROThen some back roads….
DSC_3772_aDSC_3768_aFinally, a return to Petoskey at sunset….

6 thoughts on “Water & trees, trees & water

  1. Your eye for beauty is not often matched or equaled. Thank you. What a great variety of subject, color, composition. . . your pictures are special. Again, thank you.

    • Ohhhh, thank you sooo much for that, Trudy! We have fun scouting our surroundings, and this area gives so many golden opportunities for great photos! Wonderful to have you along to share with us….

  2. Your pictures are absolutely amazing. You make us all feel like we are right there with you. Thank you so much for sharing.

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