Blow wind, blow

Rain’s over….

Seems to have left in a huff….

Hang onto your hats, this could be a really great week! Lost leaves in the rain and wind, but most had not yet turned, so we are expecting some real beauty.

But the wind helped the lake put on quite a show:
DSC_3445_aPetoskey got a bold wake-up call, with big clouds, high wind, and sun poking through here and there!
DSC_3405_aDSC_3469_aThe day really picked up as we headed to Charlevoix!
DSC_3479_aWe intended to drive down Lake Charlevoix to Boyne City, because the views should be improving by the minute, but we stopped by the channel to see the Charlevoix lighthouse….
DSC_3550_aWe parked the car….

And ventured out past the lighthouse with the waterproof camera….
DCIM101GOPROI did it for you, Ed.

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