It’s raining, it’s pouring, the old…

Longest period of rain we can remember….

We lead such charmed lives…we try to avoid areas during their rainy seasons, and so we rarely experience days and days of rain.

The forecast says tonight is the end of four days and nights of nearly around-the-clock rain here. The remaining six days of our time in Petoskey are predicted to have *zero* chance of rain!

Probably just jinxed our chances….

But we’ve had fun and adventures driving around scouting colors! Risked the Nikon for a couple shots…had fun with the waterproof Hero3 for some shooting…and undoubtedly earned some strange looks from people as we set up the tripod alongside the road for a couple shots when the clouds were so heavy and the light so dim that we needed the stability for some slow exposures!

We did it for you.
DSC_3216_aDSC_3227_aDSC_3250_aDSC_3244_aDSC_3271_aDCIM101GOPROThere was a brief break last evening just at sunset….

18 thoughts on “It’s raining, it’s pouring, the old…

    • Thank you, Madeline! I actually had to prove to myself that pictures in the rain could be a good thing. It was dicey, getting all that equipment out into the sprinkles, but usually worthwhile. I minimized the sky in the framing, and minimized the time the Nikon spent outside, and voilà….

  1. Summac, aspen, and sugar maples–the highlights of the fall landscape. Thanks again for sharing. Your work is gorgeous.

  2. Absolutely love all the color you capture..have a friend in AZ who has been sending the incredible sunsets taking place there right now…two of our most favorite places and enjoy seeing them through others’ eyes…

  3. Thanks for bringing some color to us down here in southern MI. Colors here are pretty drab this year, but you’ve gotten some awesome shots! Thank you, thank you.

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