A quarter-century!

DSC_2215_aIt’s the big XXV birthday for Ross and Ryan!

These young men who stand before us bear not the slightest resemblance to the tiny, quivering beings who entered this great big world on that September 30 so many years ago. Here, as Sharon held them on their way home from the hospital over 4 months after birth, they were already four times their birth weights!Sharon w 2_aThe magnificent community that aided their survival and supported their growth into young men has been a wondrous group to behold! We remember so many….

The huge adjustments these boys caused over the years have ranged from cataclysmic to glorious. We have learned so much as parents…and it never stops!

The present arrangements for ourselves and the twins seem to work the smoothest of any we’ve ever had. Many of you have remarked that we’re “livin the dream”, and I’d have to say it’s probably true. Not quite the way you might think….we do seem to roam from one vacation spot to another, and we have few appointments clamoring for our time and attention….but Robyn is sleeping on the floor right now with Ryan because he has experienced a very difficult time settling down for a good night’s sleep the last few nights, and awakens multiple times in great upheaval! She is masterful at soothing him….

Our flexible schedule allows us to experience many things…so long as there isn’t much walking involved. We were able to catch a special run of the ski lift at Boyne Highlands the other day, and the operators took care to adjust the system to accommodate Ross and Ryan’s needs to load and unload. Here’s a glimpse of what they experienced:
DSC_2232_aDSC_2252_aDSC_2276_aDSC_2284_aWe take every opportunity we can to do short walks with the boys, and to help them experience daily living in simple and safe ways. The variety helps us and works for them.
DSC_1979_aThese last two photos illustrate the point: we stopped past a park where we knew there was an eagle nest. None were there, but Ross and Ryan experienced the wooden deck that serves as a lookout platform, and I had some fun taking their picture!
DSC_2493_aDSC_2488_aWe’re heading out the door now, to begin the next quarter-century. Sure hope you’ll hang with us!

24 thoughts on “A quarter-century!

  1. I’m a little speechless/wordless whatever you might call it…at the awesome way you seem to have adapted to your sons special needs…and it seems all comes up just that “special”. I am a better person already for having you all as my new friends…Happy Birthday Ross and Ryan…Blessings…and have a great day as you start the next quarter century as dad says… 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday Ross, n Ryan….
    By the Grace of God, Marcia and I will be with you for many centuries to come, for we are tied to that back bumper of the ( BIG TAXI ) 🙂
    Keep them Wheels rollin……..

  3. happy birthday to Ross and Ryan ,…. truly a miracle …. it’s fun to share your journey thru the pictures, stories and an occasional visit in person … blessings to each of you as you continue to
    “taxi” through our great country and explore what life brings through your incredible journey!

    • Thank you, Kelly! We were so tickled to meet you and Tyler (and your great in-laws), and we continue to enjoy your baking talent each morning! It’s so fun to share our travels with you!

  4. Doug your boys are amazing just like you. They are a gift that keeps on giving . Can’t wait to read about the rest of Ross and Ryan’s oh and you too journey’s Happy birthday

    • Oh Linda, you and Shonaugh bring such a flood of special memories for us! Thank you for being part of that community that has brought these boys to this point in their lives! We’re so tickled to share our amazing adventure with you!

  5. Thanks to you, Douglas, I have had the privilege of sharing in 20 of these 25 years of Ross and Ryan’s precious lives. The countless hours caring for, nurturing, and being “connected at the hip” has been just the challenge my heart was made for. I count it a joy and a privilege to be so up close and personal with them. I feel a bond with them just as if they were my very own. They have been a delight to this mother’s heart…bringing many smiles along the miles…let’s keep rolling…love you…Robyn xo

    • Folks, she’s The Navigator, and you can see why! I love you, Robyn, and couldn’t do this journey without you! Thank you for the great love and kind attention you lavish on the boys…they are the luckiest boys on earth! I am the most fortunate of men….

    • Those are meaningful words, coming from you, Patti….thank you for the affirmation! Robyn and I have the blessing of each other, which is a crucial benefit for our circumstance…as you well know. We’re just chugging this lemonade by the pitcher in one hand, with the other on the air horn, and driving with our knees!

  6. Doug, your post was awesome, as was Robyn’s. I look forward to being able to visit with you and your precious family where all blights of sin are forever banished. God bless you for your tender care of His creatures.

  7. I think we are the ones getting an awesome trip around the country and you and Robyn are doing all the hard work. May you each get a good nights sleep tonight with absolutely no awakenings.


    • HA, glad you feel that way, Carol! Believe me, the pictures aren’t nearly as good as being here! We really do get a kick out of sharing our journey with you…especially when you respond with comments…

  8. Finally getting to see this posting now that Janet and I are home again. Happy Birthday to the boys, and I want to say that this is my favorite posting you’ve done. So many good feelings you express for yourselves and your family. Janet and I are emotional in happiness for you all.

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